In a departure from our usual ‘bread and butter’ delivery work for the food industry, we were pleased to recently be involved with the Anglo-French company, Airbus Industries and their new ‘super-jet’, the A-380.

Contracted by Airbus UK in Bristol, manufacturers of the wings for the Airbus aircraft, we journeyed to South Brittany in France to collect ‘raw’ carbon-fibre panels. In their un-cured state these have to be kept frozen prior to being shaped, hence the need for reliable temperature-controlled transport.

With our long-standing reputation for complete door-to-door product care, Chillspeed were a natural choice for such a critical task.

Using Brittany Ferries’ Portsmouth to Caen overnight freight service, we were able to offer the client a p.m. collection on day 1 for an a.m. delivery on day 2, with total temperature control and logging throughout the journey.

Clearly, even in component form the wings of this fabulous new airliner were too large to fit in a Ford Transit van, so several ‘flights’ were needed as each set of components came off the production line. By the time the last trip was completed, such was the smooth way the job had gone that the driver even had time for a coffee-break and photo-opportunity in the shadow of the famous Mont St-Michel in Normandy. Chillspeed wishes “Bon Voyage” to the Airbus A-380!

A Chillspeed vehicle pauses by the 11th Century Mont St-Michel in Normandy en-route to Filton near Bristol, once home of the iconic and supersonic “Concorde” and where the Airbus wings are now built.

November 2010